Creating a menu

Sign in with your desktop or tablet. Click My Menus to create a menu or update an existing menu. ‌

1. Create a Menu

Click or tap “Add New” in the My Menus section or “Create a Menu” link in the Dashboard

Creating new QR menu
2. Adding categories

You can add a new category by entering its Title and image (optional), then click Save.

Adding new Category to your Menu

You can also click the “Select from Preset” button and select a list of categories. They already have stock images and the names have already been translated into some other languages. After selecting and saving the changes, you can change the names and images as you like.

QR code menu add new translated categories

You can add more categories or change them later if needed. When you click the Finish button, you will return to the Menu Editor.

3. Add new Items/ Dishes

Start adding your dishes on “Create a New Dish” section.

Add new dish button
4. Save the changes

After making changes don’t forget to Save the menu.

Press Save button after changes done
Save the changes
5. Publishing your menu

You can activate your new menu now or later.

Go to current Menu Settings

Open your QR menu settings

You can Publish the menu and Enable for ordering.

Publish your QR Menu

You can now view your menu using the Preview tool or in the customer front-end of your venue / store.

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