The following documentation is meant to be a brief and simple guide to setup and use your MultiLingiual QR code Menu service and apps.

Table of contents

What is QR code menu?

Our QR code menu is a multilingual solution for creating and managing digital menus. You can create or download your institution’s menu and your customers will see it on their smartphones with a simple QR scan. You can change, publish or download your menu at any time and it will be immediately updated without changing the actual QR code.

Multilingual QR menu
Multilingual QR code menu for restaurants

Design and placement

It can be a card, a coaster, or a sticky label. Many design and implementation options offering your customer to scan the QR code and browse your restaurant menu.

Client side view

The client does not need to install the application, the QR-code can be scanned with a basic smartphone camera and the menu can be opened in the browser.
If the customer wants, he can install the your restaurant’s WPA-app, so he becomes your loyal customer. He can join your loyalty program, subscribe to newsletters and special offers.

The customer can not only browse your menu: he can order directly without turning to the waiter. Each table can have its own unique QR-code, so the order will be made correctly.