About us

QR code menu stand

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, each of us has thought many times about how to stay safe. Less touching objects in public places, even if they are disinfected. Have you ever wondered how often the menus in restaurants are disinfected?

A short survey conducted by us showed that in 7 out of 10 restaurants, the administration did not even think about the need to regularly disinfect (or at least periodically wipe) the menu. In the remaining three restaurants, they said that at least once a week the menu is wiped (how well – history is silent).

This prompted our team to create a contactless QR menu. But if you do, then you should be the best! We decided not only to create a menu, but also to solve a few more problems:

  • Menu content management is now conveniently easy and convenient
  • Added photos. By the way, how often do you see a paper menu with photos?
  • Create menu translations
  • Plan your dinner without leaving your home
  • Possibility of receiving feedback from the client by the institution
  • Marketing tools for restaurants
  • And many many others

Thus, a software package was born, which is a necessary product for both restaurants and hotels, which, taking care of the health of customers, can no longer serve breakfast in a buffet format.

We are glad that our product was useful and convenient. Our previous experience in software development was a good prerequisite for this. But we are not standing still – we are developing our product, and we are glad to receive feedback from our customers, introducing new functionality and optimizing the existing one.

Welcome, enjoy your it!